How to Survive D2 Year

You’ve passed boards, been through the rigors of the modular system and survived the first year of dental school. Congrats! Off to sim clinic… now what? Below, a few D2’s offer their insight on how to survive mannequin patients, staying sane through Pharm II, and mastering the clinical aspect of dentistry.

“You may have more spare time D2 year, but the key thing is to stay organized. Unlike D1 year, you’ll be juggling many classes at once, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a weekly schedule. As you get into more of the dental related courses, I would suggest to be like a sponge. Absorb as much information as possible. Ask questions.” -Faith Barreyro

“I’ve been able to utilize more free time by joining a local hockey league. Wheeling benders every Friday night has kept me sane.” -Alex Yaldoo

“Find a hobby! There is way more free time during D2 year, and it helps with stress relief.” -Jade Gibson

“D2 year is all about preclinicals which have fewer tests and more practical information that you’ll use every day as a dentist. This is the year to catch up on sleep and really learn dentistry. To survive, make sure you understand each step of every procedure and why you’re doing it. It’ll make you so much more prepared for all of the tests and your future patients.” -Josh Adametz

“Find a way to stay organized and on top of things – some projects are long term and some classes are longer in length than the D1, 1-week-cram-courses. There will be more “free-time” available to you, but before you waste it make sure there isn’t something you can be doing for school, because chances are you were given the free time because you were supposed to be working on something. All that said, make sure to enjoy your time here and your classmates and make a schedule that works for you that includes some sort of regular physical activity or other stress-relieving activity.” -AJ Sahyouni


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