The 5 Steps to Happiness

By Alyssa Holmes, Class of 2021 At NLC we had the pleasure if hearing Stacey Flowers speak and send us off on our final day at the conference. Stacey is an entrepreneur who has been named as the Next Global Leader for her generation by Munroe Global, had her own Tedx Talk, and is listed […]

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Mental and Dental Health

By Trisha In, ASDOH Class of 2023 Notes from Dr. Harn’s lecture at the National Leadership Conference Imagine being born with three missing fingers and trying to enter the male-dominated field of dentistry in the 1970s. That is precisely what Dr. Kimberly Harms did, and she and her husband were able to open up a […]

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Going Green in the Dental Clinic

By Annika Wuerfel, Class of 2021 When thinking about a dental office, one may not think that “going green” is a feasible or tangible option in running a practice. However, there are many benefits not only for the environment but also for the patient and the bottom line. After attending the National Leadership Conference discussion […]

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